Who and Why?

Dante Maxwell wants to be a Guru

I'm Dante,

It's my passion for guidance, my "shot-gun" skill set, and my ability to thrive in a remote working environment (I love it) that drove me to this point.


This journey made me realize that this business plan is 100% do-able now thanks to Shopify. The Admin feature is really familiar to anyone who's ever even tried working with WordPress. I actually like it way better because it's more streamlined and purpose-driven. To me, that made it easier to focus on what I was doing and not get side-tracked by having to manage too many design elements. I was able to be creative in my design but keep it simple. I previewed a couple of the free themes and, checking out the only real online competition for my store idea (I've been their customer before and didn't realize they also use Shopify), I don't see why I wouldn't simply continue with the theme I've chosen once I get a custom domain and go live.

Having spent many years in finance and retail, I've been directly involved in tens of thousands of transactions. I've dealt with every type of payment method from cash to crypto currencies. From a merchant perspective, I love how there seems to be this underlying sense of motivation you get just by interfacing with the Admin portal.

I had the pleasure of viewing a live webinar facilitated by a Guru and it got me so pumped.

Not like Reebok pumps.