Stream FUCK Everywhere.

Stream FUCK Everywhere.

FUCK, the beat tape by Dante Maxwell and first cassette release from Booms and Baps is now available to stream across all platforms. We chose Tunecore to publish this one, mainly because we'd used them for the 2018 single"Don't Let America Get You Down", which featured Dr.Oop, White Mic from Bored Stiff, and my multi-talented friend King Kosh, from 5StarGeez, Treemoon Apparel, and the independent film "My Father Belize". 

When I noticed that it was on auto-renewal and already charged for the next year, I was like "oh well" and decided to release future music projects to streaming platforms using Tunecore just because I was too lazy to dick around with the potential pitfalls of switching it up at this point.

The release for streaming platforms was on June 1st, 2020. Fuck originally came out on Limited Edition Cassette and digital download exclusively from on April 20th, 2020. did their blast but the wind got knocked out of our sails really hard with the death of George Floyd being the tip of an ugly iceberg. I'm writing this now not knowing if I'll link to it in social media or just let it marinate here until it helps out this fledgeling cassette label's SEO juice years down the line.

For the foreseeable future, all proceeds from purchases of FUCK on digital download will be going to The Pimento Relief Fund in Minnesota. 

"We’re partnering with Pimento to provide black business without insurance relief after white supremacists set them on fire during the protests."

That's probably worth a plug on social media. 

If you enjoy that Lofi Boombap that inspires lyrics, dance moves/convulsions, on a study/concentration vibe, please give FUCK a chance.



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