Senz Beats drops Eucalize Legalyptus on Cassette

Senz Beats drops Eucalize Legalyptus on Cassette

Booms and Baps is happy to announce that we're releasing a limited edition run of cassettes for the Eucalize Legalyptus Volumes 1 and 2 beat tapes by Senz Beats. We pressed up a single cassette that hosts Volume 1 on side A, and Volume 2 on side B. Special shout to Chris from le 180g for the cover art.

Image of the Eucalize Legalyptus cassettes over a forested backdrop

These beat tapes were some of the earliest works of instrumental hip hop produced solely using the Koala Sampler app for iOS. Koala Sampler has made beat making more accessible than ever. Literally anyone with a smart phone and $5 can purchase the app for iOS or Android and make studio quality beats. 

Senz has managed to crack the code and proves consistently that even beats made on the phone can move us just as significantly as those made on the hardware samplers of old or the point-and-click DAWs of most modern producers.

Check out the limited edition cassette release of Eucalize Legalyptus Volumes 1 & 2. Each tape purchased comes with a free download code.  Support this project on Bandcamp as well and be sure to check out the rest of the Senz Beats catalog over there for more raw hip hop innovations. To see what Senz is up to on the regular, hit up his new online portal at

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