#CANCELLED available everywhere!

#CANCELLED available everywhere!

#CANCELLED, the debut album by Dante Maxwell dropped world wide on Friday, June 3rd.

A crowd of eager listeners began to build around Le 180g Café Disquaire in anticipation of the launch. They got to hear beat sets by Dante, Musoni, Senz Beats and Sqreeb. The microphone got passed around as a bilingual cypher broke out while bellies were being filled by the happy flavours of Ma Mère En Feu.

From there, the presentation began. Somewhat more like a TED talk but with musical breaks for each of the albums 10 songs.

The last of the $20 tshirts sold. Cassettes were purchased by those who prefer the analog warmth, digital supporters flocked to the Ugly Pitch Records Bandcamp page, and all major music streaming services made the album available.

Reviews of #CANCELLED have been overwhelmingly positive and the associated merch displaying the “Killuminati” design stands out on its own.

Booms & Baps still has a limited number of cassettes in stock. Get yours while they last.

#CANCELLED is available everywhere. Make sure you add it to your playlists wherever you stream music online. Stay tuned for more projects from Dante Maxwell and Booms & Baps!


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